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It’s Getting Close!

SAVE THE DATE for Margaret’s book launch

Margaret’s first book Tapping Into Wealth comes out October 10th with Penguin books!
Our main mailing window is October 1-10 with opportunities to mail earlier or later if you need. We will be offering a 1click upsell with a 75% payout to you AND in November, we will be running all of your cookied leads through our 7 Levels funnel as well!

We are so appreciative of (and need!) your support and we are committed to paying you well!
Affiliate prizes will be announced shortly!

If you haven’t already, CLICK HERE to become an affiliate

9/12 Update…

Just a quick note and update on the book launch…
And a big QUESTION for you!

Are you interested in getting a brain-download
from Alan Davidson, Dan and myself on any and all aspects
of our product launches or book launch?
If so email please email Diane at
and say so.
IF there is interest, we will schedule a webinar “Tell-All”
and share ALL our secrets and answer ALL your questions!
We are “open books” and love to support you! (Yes, we will
share the secrets to product and book launches that I pay
Alan tens of thousands to advise me on)

Here’s my update: Ya know…when the publisher got
excited about the book in the spring (after having it for
7 months) they really threw us a curveball! They decided
to make the publish date EARLIER by 4 months! I was
totally pumped and grateful that they were so excited…
but my team was committing to a website overhaul
AND our 7 Levels launches right up to end of August!

So we have been busting our butt$ to get an amazing
WORLD class book launch ready that will PAY you well!

Alan Davidson and Dan Leman…in particular… are not
allowed to sleep and are only allowed one meal break a
day. Yes, it’s hardcore (but as Jack Black says, “you’re
not hardcore, unless you live hardcore”)!

And I worked hard getting the sales video done…and 17
content videos that match each chapter of the book.
These will be a huge selling point!

Want to see a sneak preview? Now, there are still lots
of fixes and tweaks but check out my new upleveled
website here:

And, you can check out the fun book content videos here
in the members area…but look fast cause soon Dan will
have the “members only” barrier in place!

Remember, let us know if you want the inside secrets on
any part of the product launches and/or this book launch…
and if there is interest, we will host a “tell-all”!



Tapping Into Wealth – Save The Date