Yes, transformation begins with you.

(But we can all still use a little help.)

When I was just starting out, I too had fears about money. I had blocks and limiting beliefs that kept me from becoming the entrepreneur and rockstar that I wanted to be. That’s why I’m offering some special transformational products to help you on your journey.

I created these cutting edge products and programs to help you break through any blocks that are standing in your way. I’ve used them myself, so I can speak to their power.

So whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or are already a highly successful entrepreneur, these products are sure to take you to your next level.


All of my products are guaranteed to be packed with transformational teachings designed to go deeper than work you may have done before so you can go further (because I want you moving forward). That being said, this kind of work is NOT for everyone! If you are not completely blown away and delighted simply let us know within 60 days (Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training program is 30 days) of purchase and we will give you a full refund. You can even keep the materials, donate them or give them to someone you feel will benefit.

Print7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

Margaret’s groundbreaking approach blending Tapping with deeper Chakra work creates true inner healing at a mind/body/emotional and nervous system level!

As you heal at each chakra level, you will then experience the true energy and your magnetic ability to manifest at all 7 chakras – your true levels of your consciousness and power.

This is an energetic and spiritual approach that will truly transform you and your life.

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7LevelsWealth-540x270Stand Out & Get Paid Like A Rockstar

There IS a way market yourself and sell more of your product or service that will have you feeling and looking like a Rock Star in your field – yes, the Rock Star status you have hard EARNED and deserve.

There is a way to market that does this authentically and lets you give massive value to the exact people you want as customers and fans.

I call this way Rock Star Mission Marketing™ and it’s not your average biz marketing. It’s bigger, bolder and more ambitious. It is a match to where you have now arrived….READY for a bigger game, READY to OWN you power and your value, READY to transform the world.

The Stand out like a Rock Star Program is your fastest path to marketing yourself AND getting paid well.


PrintPowerful, Passionate, & Fabulous

The Ultimate Energy Program to take your life from lukewarm to RED HOT. If you feel as though the “real you” is just hiding just beneath the surface… If you’re trying to “live your passion” but don’t feel magnetic, charismatic or free… If you’re wondering how you can connect to your true power source… Then this is the program to pay attention to. It is possible to feel more alive, more powerful, more passionate, and just more awesome about everything in your life! This program will show you how through a series of breakthrough classes and special bonuses all created to help you become more powerful, passionate & truly fabulous.



Tapping Into Wealth Transformation

Tapping Into Wealth Transformation will allow you to become more ALIVE, on FIRE, CONFIDENT and CONNECTED to your heart and true self. Everything in your life, money and relationships will shift dramatically. Yes, it IS that powerful.

Tapping Into Wealth Transformation isn’t just another money mindset or abundance program – it’s a comprehensive step-by-step process to let go of the subconcious money programming and create a powerful NOW free from those limits!



7 Levels of Miracles

Start experiencing miracles in your life, your business, and your relationships TODAY. Yes, miracles can be a touchy subject. But we’re not talking about some mythical magical subject, but the unexpected materialization of the gifts, resources, and opportunities you need in your life at the exact moment you need them. This cutting edge program utilizes EFT and tapping to help you unlock all 7 chakras and watch miracles unfold for you and your mission.

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Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Are you tired of ‘PLAYING MEDIUM’ and ready to stand out there and SHINE at a whole new level?

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar is a GROUND-BREAKING PROGRAM combining and integrating Tapping with the chakras, the Profiles, shadow and archetype work. This is a program to help you go WHERE and HOW DEEP you need to go to finally break through that ceiling in your success, so that you can unleash that rock star you truly are!